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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Heat, Vacuum and Drive

Now I did mention last blog I would have the wheels turning however I had anticipated my new drive shaft and CV joints to arrive, well they didn't but now I have little excuse. I managed to grab one day this Easter long weekend so here’s the update.

Here it is!

Next get the battery back in place, this will run all of the ancillary things like lights horn and so forth I had hoped to use a flexible solar panel on the roof of the car to keep it charged however a DC to DC charger is about half the cost 

  Just a little look at how I crimp the 50 mm square cable to the lugs, a few tons of hydraulic pressure

 In, squeeze and presto

Now all of the HT cables are connected to the controller and motor, just those pesky little important wires that do everything else to work out 

The electric vacuum pump for the brakes this will also need a vacuum tank to store enough vacuum for continual braking (on-off)

Are yes the hot water device, thanks for plumbing supplies for all those brackets and fittings in such handy sizes.

Coming along

there we are now supported

Gives you a good look at the support bracket, Denis that's the bracket off the battery tray support

More plumbing supplies this time 75 mm down pipe and end caps with a couple of air pressure fittings

Mounted next to one and other there is a one way valve in the centre of the connecting pipe

Just a look from the side

Required a cross brace for the heater for extra stability 

And my VW electric water pump for the heater mounted on the fire wall next to the heat exchange inlets 

almost done with the control wiring 

Friday, 15 March 2013

Lots of work but few pictures.

It’s been time to pull the motor and gear box out of the car and pull it to pieces, paint the parts, “Locktight” the bolts and run the motor. All this is a reversal of already documented stuff so I haven’t posted this work, now it’s going back together and hopefully I will have the drive shafts fitted and wheels turning by Sunday night. I’ll update this post over the weekend. Cheers

Starting some of the "HT" wiring, a lot easier with motor out of the car 

Running the motor checking all is nice and smooth coupled together with gear box

Oh yes there is that orange bath plug