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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Here come the Parts

Great to get the new Sprockets Key way and Acrylic for mounting fuse and soon to arrive 300 amp shunt

Old sprockets, Rear 47 tooth front 14 tooth, New rear 56 front 11. Hold on I here you say, shouldn't the ratio be 6:1 ? Yes however these sprockets were standard sizes  the machine shop carry and just require the additional machining to fit the motor and rear wheel.

New acrylic to mount T class fuse and when it arrives, 300 amp shunt. This will place all of the ignition in the one spot making for compact / less wiring.

 Rear view

Just an extra little engine mounting.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Waiting Game

Been a long time since the last post but I'm playing the waiting game, Waiting for "T" class fuse , DC shunt and having sprockets made. Well the T class fuse arrived today and hopefully the rest with in the next 10 days. But a small problem, did you see it? where does the chain run? Well I'll have to remake this piece.

Now for a relocation of the ignition key

 Thats the T class fuse next to the red button Thats a $68 insurance policy for the battery pack.

Now that's cable