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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fiddly Sparks

Great Black and white shot from daughter Courtenay, ta.

Running Cabling through frame rail to hide, the tank will cover,

Cable exit for rear electrics, will be covered by number plate bracket . Rear indicator in place.

Right hand rear indicator

Very handy

Below me trying to look cleaver while Courtenay took some shots

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Youtube Summary

This is a short version with super cool new wave music from 1977

Cheers, Rob

The Fiddly Bits


Indicator wires drilled into headlight nacelle and sealed will rubber gromits  

Rear guard bracket again with rubber gromits in the guard to reduce stress on the fibre glass

Bracket bolted to frame, still to be trimmed to shape

Oh yeh the birds nest, don't panic I'm picking up new wire for a new loom this Wednesday at the electric car club. 

For interest here is association bumper sticker giving the wed address. Check it out I believe they have been going for nearly 30 years

Lower bracket for guard. My wife tells me I don't include enough distance shots of the bike or enough information when I update. So next update, in about a 4 days will include more distant shots of the bike and for information, well I'm more of  a visual kind of person. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Begin the wiring up

  Charge plug fits nicely into fuel cap using standard Plumbing fixings, The cap hinges and makes a nice air/weather tight seal. For interest sake the tank's from a 1972/3 Honda CB 350 

4 "idiot" lights mounted in tank, from top, Blue-High Beam, Orange-Indicator, Green-On, Red-Charging. I have a micro switch which will open circuit the ignition circuit while charging. 

Bottom tray which will be riveted on and sealed with a silicon sealer as this area needs to be water tight to house the controller.   

Ear rings! no LED indicators 

 Office coming together

Perspex mounting board for the beginning of wiring, I hope it's as easy as the leg bone connects to the hip bone!
Just showing the earthing common connector and earthing wires to the frame.