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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Engine Mounting plate finished

              A quick bend and tack frame for the seat springs so I can work out the foot rest locations

                    3.2 mm recess should fit snugly around motor collar, this will take the main                                                torque of the motor, not the mounting bolts

                                                                     nice fit, Sweet

                                                  Showing motor snug fit into recess

                              Mounting Plate bolted to frame using existing engine mounting holes

Ah the good old "V" block from my first year apprenticeship, (1978!) clamped and squared up with lower "Bash" plate

                                      A couple of tack welds to hold things together

         Right hand support bolted to existing frame mount ( will be cut to length), tack welded


    A flash new replica fibreglass Ducati 850 rear fender. Thanks Classic Cyberglass click below for more info

                       and where would I be with out fasteners from Aberfoyle Park Mitre 10 ?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Project I, Post 4

  Front end back together, gaiters on, original headlight mounts not re used,

        chrome cover over bottom triple clamp, Suzuki badge removed, ELECTRIC badge to replace

                                                  new location and front mounts for seat

Monday, 19 September 2011

Project I, Post III

Fork gaiters arrive, actual OEM for 750 Norton 

                           Patterns for engine mounts with bolts showing locations for mounting holes

                                                     3 flat metal pieces for engine mount

Flat Steel for engine mount 270 x 200 x 6 mm machining marked out

- Schematic for electric motor 

Friday, 16 September 2011

Project I, Post II Motor Arrives

                                         Motor hanging in sling, too heavy to hold in place, 13.5 Kgs.
                                         Next templates for motor mount to be made, will soon post.
                                        Note to self: Be really nice to my mate so I can use his lathe and mill

                                         Motor fits snug between frame rails.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Project I, Post I

  • 1982 GSX 250 Road Bike
  • Conversion from Petrol to Electric 
  • Hard tail frame and "BOB"
  • Cost of bike $400 Ebay, money recovered from selling unwanted parts $726.00!

Work Done so Far:
  • Stripped and removed all mechanical parts.
  • Cut and removed rear section of frame.
  • Hard Tailed.
  • Removed front end for re-conditioning.
  • Purchase old school solo seat and 4" springs. Cost including GST and delivery $121.00

Currently working on:
  • Rebuilding rear wheel and brake
  • Setting up sprocket alignment for electric motor installation
Current Real Wheel Works.
 Electric motor ordered and paid for, there may be some interest in the costing for this conversion so - I shall show all money spent in Australian dollars FYI.-Rob
- Motor- Motenergy ME0708 48 Volt DC motor 6-12 Kw.
- Cost including GST and Delivery $519.09.
- Seat and springs arrive, temp set-up to get correct location