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Monday, 28 January 2013

It's Done

I have finished the frame and box so here it is out from under the car this shows the upper frame support with the extension arms which bolt back to the spare wheel well. There are inner pieces of metal which bolt inside the wheel well for additional strength 

From a different angle you can see the inner metal strengtheners one being mouldered to the round base of the wheel well  

Top view

had to cut the forward support holes to allow the frame to swing down for battery box removal  

Have welded two more angle iron support pieces on the base of the box support 

This shows the passengers side inner strengthener 

And the curved drivers side strengthener 

Frame with box 

Using some 25 x 25 mm angle with 8 mm all-thread for holding down battery box 

This is the front hold down clamp

Just showing all-thread I have welded the top nut and thread 

Just adding the brace for the drivers side support bar which clamps back to the wheel well


Monday, 21 January 2013

Are we there yet?

Well the frame to house the battery box is almost complete these photos will require you to play twister with your head. the bracing is done and just tacked together as the whole structure now has to get engineering approval and I anticipate a few changes will be required. The box full of batteries is required to withstand a 20 G frontal impact and a 10 G side or rear impact and remain in-tacked and not break away from the car. I found I just had to make the thing as I couldn't describe or draw it well enough to get the engineers specifications.

Ok here we are looking up at the support which in turn is welded to the angle iron bolted to the extended seatbelt bolts you can also see the strut on the right which bolts to the body.

Camera angled up a bit more you see the support tacked to the angle 

This dog leg brace will need to be made in a thicker material 6mm not 3mm with a diagonal drace welded behind 

Again the dog leg is required to clear the box

The other side brace again different because the under body of the car is not symmetrical 

Hows your neck?
Thanks for looking, Rob

Saturday, 12 January 2013

That BOX!

After 3 different models and 2 attempts to construct I have completed the battery box, it will hold 24 Thunder-sky 100 amp batteries laying on edge providing me with half of the final pack voltage of (144 Volts)

Steel Rivets used as the Registration inspectors won't accept aluminium 

Part of the pivoting rack for the box. This will drop down and allow the battery box to slide out as a cartridge so I can use it on my yet to come E-Boat/party pontoon but still leave a second 72 Volt pack in the car for driving

Box nice and snug in rack

This shows the box about to be slid up into place 

And sits up nice and neat

not a lot of room between the shocker mounts 

And the clearance at the front of the box, needs to accommodate the park brake cables 

Cut 45 mm off the hight of the box  

Looking at where the back seat bolts in you can see the inspection hole for the old fuel tank pump just above and too either side to the rear are the seat belt mounting bolts I have tapped the tread to a larger 12 x 1.75 mm and put new high tensile bolts in that are 20 mm longer so I can bolt a mounting system under the car for the box 

The original bolts tightened flush with the nuts now 20 mm of thread protrudes for mounting bracket I have almost finished the mounting system however I can't get the camera far enough away from the car to get a picture!


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

40 C in the shed I'm out here

Early start this morning because of heat however Controller, Main Contactor and Auto Precharge resister installed. I had good intentions to keep going but an early start tomorrow morning is on the list. 

Now What is This Korkie???

Adding a second story for the controller

This will allow the main contactor to sit under the controller

Then I can use short brass buss bars for some of the connections

Like This

Next the precharge resistor to protect the controller

Looking like this

and put back in the engine bay


Next project hot water, showing the electric water pump from a 2005 VW $20 from Ebay


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Peripherals, small update

Had good intentions today but it's new years day I'm in recovery mode and it's to dam hot in the shed so only a couple of things done. The first in was a check to see the braket for the gear linkages and cables fit all ok.

Next a small braket and cable holder then mount the Pot Box, why do the teenages ears prick up every time I say Pot Box?

That will do for today. Cheers