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Friday, 28 December 2012

Doctor, the operation was a success

Adaptor plate and assembly bolted to motor

Closer view so you can see my rough work

First coupling on motor shaft

Second coupling to attach to the gearbox input shaft

Assembly showing complete coupling and rubber "spider'

Gearbox connected to motor 

Hoisted on to work bench for inspection, yep the work bench is rated at 25 kgs. weight  and it's holding up at 80 kgs. Still have chain and hoist 

Oh, that's right turn it around the right way

Several hours of argy bargy 

Snug fit with 7mm to spare, well to tell the truth I had to cut 22 mm off of the motor aux shaft.

Modified the existing engine mount and yes a cigarette paper tight fit. 

Another view of the engine mount I know Dennis will be looking. Mad man is converting the same car

Controller and main contactor

Gearbox mount doing it's job

How do I tighten the grub screws on the coupler? 

That's right just drill a 50mm hole in the bellhousing

Yep I'm going to put an old orange bath plug with a chain in there 

Back to work tomorrow 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Successful 51 st Orbit of the sun

Thanks to the family for this great card as I head of on my 52 second, hopefully full orbit of the sun.

Now on with the show.
Yes I have my home made adapter plate ready in time for holidays

And the battery box to fit in the area where the fuel tank was. This a little different to the template I made this one holding 27 cells, the original box proved to difficult to make with such limited time and resource, I Know what your thinking, "work gets in the way of all fun thing".

Well almost finished

And what's this?
It's a 175 Amp 600 Volt quick disconnect Anderson Connector for my battery box, why?
Well I'm going to have a quick disconnect battery system so I can use the same pack on my ELECTRIC BOAT!

MMM Time for a mental health check!

Thank you very much Eric for bringing this little memento home for me from your trip tho the USA for:

2nd Annual Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention - EVCCON

September 26-30, 2012 - Cape Girardeau Missouri

So have an Electrifying Christmas and Happy new Year
Cheers, Rob

Monday, 26 November 2012

Box of joy

 This will hold 33 90 amp hour Batteries for 10.35 Kw strorage 

I need to make a battery box to fit in the space vacated by the fuel tank this means making a mock up and getting the dimensions right.

View under car with main support glued (welded) to brackets 

just waiting for quote on box to be made.

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Well it’s been a long time since the last post and time is always at a premium, two grand children have arrived, I have changed jobs and my son has written off his first car (he’s fine thankfully).
Well the annual fuel bill for calendar year 2011 was just over $7500!! The wife god bless her said "enough we need an electric car", music to my ears so the bike went on hold and the car is moving along quite well.
Here are some mug shots.... enjoy

Small Tardis of a car with room for 4 big people like me.

 Yes there's my baby in the back ground only needs batteries and a chain.


Hole to fill

3 small pistons, 1 big electric motor, 4 x the toque hope Mr gearbox is up to it

Just glue this piece to that piece 

 The beginnings of a cheep adapter plate

$80 for the coupler however I will need to machine this

12 mm and 13 mm machined off the coupler and the the center of the "spider" machined out

 Shows motor in housing with top plate for mounting controller and the like, motor has double ended shaft, hoping to drive air conditioner pump

Here is the hot water system for the demister, a cylindrical heater as used on the barrel of an injection mold machine and a catch thank fro the local speed shop

Just another image of the heater

And on test, just boiling water for a coffee

Brackets for the battery box this is going where the fuel tank was

 Some idea of size

And they go here

Yes the creepy doll is watching Bye for now.