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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Engine Mounting plate finished

              A quick bend and tack frame for the seat springs so I can work out the foot rest locations

                    3.2 mm recess should fit snugly around motor collar, this will take the main                                                torque of the motor, not the mounting bolts

                                                                     nice fit, Sweet

                                                  Showing motor snug fit into recess

                              Mounting Plate bolted to frame using existing engine mounting holes

Ah the good old "V" block from my first year apprenticeship, (1978!) clamped and squared up with lower "Bash" plate

                                      A couple of tack welds to hold things together

         Right hand support bolted to existing frame mount ( will be cut to length), tack welded


    A flash new replica fibreglass Ducati 850 rear fender. Thanks Classic Cyberglass click below for more info

                       and where would I be with out fasteners from Aberfoyle Park Mitre 10 ?

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