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Friday, 21 October 2011

Oh SH...T

After last night's electric vehicle club meeting I found a member who's converted a Lotus Elise to electric. He had laid down 25 of his 40+ Lithium batteries, to find out 12 of the 25, in the laid down position failed after a short time - nearly 50%. It appears the electrolyte can't come in contact with all the plates in the battery.  So I have nearly finished my battery frame, which has all 16 batteries laying down. So out with the grinder and chop! chop! chop! 

So the "dummy" packs for the batteries are no good, I'll just use a measuring tape

Again I can use the original engine mountings for the battery pack

There! That will have them all standing up like little soldiers. There was a good picture for the electrolyte and how it could not contact all the lithium "plates" when the cell was laid flat, I'll try and get this.

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