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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Successful 51 st Orbit of the sun

Thanks to the family for this great card as I head of on my 52 second, hopefully full orbit of the sun.

Now on with the show.
Yes I have my home made adapter plate ready in time for holidays

And the battery box to fit in the area where the fuel tank was. This a little different to the template I made this one holding 27 cells, the original box proved to difficult to make with such limited time and resource, I Know what your thinking, "work gets in the way of all fun thing".

Well almost finished

And what's this?
It's a 175 Amp 600 Volt quick disconnect Anderson Connector for my battery box, why?
Well I'm going to have a quick disconnect battery system so I can use the same pack on my ELECTRIC BOAT!

MMM Time for a mental health check!

Thank you very much Eric for bringing this little memento home for me from your trip tho the USA for:

2nd Annual Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention - EVCCON

September 26-30, 2012 - Cape Girardeau Missouri

So have an Electrifying Christmas and Happy new Year
Cheers, Rob

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