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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Begin the wiring up

  Charge plug fits nicely into fuel cap using standard Plumbing fixings, The cap hinges and makes a nice air/weather tight seal. For interest sake the tank's from a 1972/3 Honda CB 350 

4 "idiot" lights mounted in tank, from top, Blue-High Beam, Orange-Indicator, Green-On, Red-Charging. I have a micro switch which will open circuit the ignition circuit while charging. 

Bottom tray which will be riveted on and sealed with a silicon sealer as this area needs to be water tight to house the controller.   

Ear rings! no LED indicators 

 Office coming together

Perspex mounting board for the beginning of wiring, I hope it's as easy as the leg bone connects to the hip bone!
Just showing the earthing common connector and earthing wires to the frame.

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