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Saturday, 16 February 2013

The BRB Big Red Button

Well it's time for the compulsory Big Red Button and as the Matiz has one small cup holder in the centre console seems like a good place to go. This is of course for isolating the main battery pack from the drive train components here I started with drilling a 32mm hole in the bottom of the cup holder

Looks like this

Well I put the whole thing together and placed back in the car to find the contractor mechanism fouled on the gear selector cables so I needed to gain about 10mm so I cut away a further section of the holder. Next I found the diameter of the cup holder to be 75mm just the same size as an end block for a 75mm storm water pipe

So centre and bore a 26mm hole in the end cap and mount the BRB

Looks like this on the side

Back in the console view from under side

Used fibre glass resin to glue end cap in place 

Stuck tight 

And back together 

No no nope not going to talk about this!!!

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