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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hours of work little to show

Growing heater hose, need some correct fittings but close

Placed an aluminium bracket above the vacuum pump to put some electrical fittings on, you can see a large heat sink on the left this is where the 100 volt DC 40 amp solid state relay will sit for the water heater, those little buggers can get pretty hot, next to that is a step up box from 12 volts DC to 24 volts DC 3 amps also there is a relay mounted on the heat sink for the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump  is a 24 volt unit was cheaper than 12 volt and next to that a fuse box.

Lights back in to make sure every thing is going to fit

Say Cheese, oh yes the windscreen wipers  are up, I switched them on before when they were down and sent papers, battery charger and fuses to the floor

down and sent papers, battery charger and fuses to the floor

Showing micro switch on Pot Box, this is a closed cct. so when the throttle is closed this activates the relay to turn on the Vacuum Pump, when you press on the accelerator to go the switch goes open cct. and switches off the vacuum pump. So every time you lift your foot off the accelerator to brake it activates the vacuum pump for the brakes. I think I managed to say that in a round about way.

The Relay and fuse box, the fuse box wired up to ignition cct. so only active when car is switched on

The water heater and heater hoses all fitted

Hopefully more next week

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