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Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Electric Garage is Moving

NO............... Well the property where I hire my Garage for the conversion is about to change hands and my space will be no longer  from the 15th of May however all is not lost (but yet to be moved) the kind owners will once again allow me to hire the shed space at their new house, Many Thanks to KORK and DANGER. I'll have a slightly larger space and a great view of the Adelaide Hills so there will be a slight hiatus while the pack and move go's a head.

On with the show:
 Now the two small black boxes on the motor support top panel need to be connected but why? Well the Altrax controller needs a 0 to 5k ohm input to regulate the motor power (speed) and I have a Hall Effect control (Pot Box) which produces a 0 to 5 volt signal in order to control motor speed so the voltage signal must be converted to a variable resistance hence the first small box. The second box is a solid state cct. which pre-charges the capacitors in the controller before allowing the main contactor  to close which will protect then from the huge inrush of current.


The inertia switch will disconnect the ignition cct on an impact greater than 8G

The spider web continues to grow

Once again Cheers and thanks for looking, Rob

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