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Sunday, 14 July 2013

WOW Back in action!

Life can get busy and out of hand, been about 4 weeks since last work and post, Parents in and out of hospital, all sorts of drama, good news everyone's ok. So today for a few hours I got a chance to work on the bike. Going to need strong battery boxes for the 6 AGM batteries at 12 Kilos each.

Building them up on lengths of all-thread rod, my preferred method it makes it easy to adjust the hight and spacing of components. Some time I can't get the things I plan for and have to be flexible with my construction  

A nut top and bottom of the frame bracket locks things into place 

Next a piece of acrylic for electrical components using the same spacing with all-thread and nuts

Fit Altrax 7245 controller into frame

Tack together brackets to hold foot rests and place 14 gauge galv sheet in bottom of battery frames

Things will need to be welded completely and cleaned up

Some electrical components, bus-bar from positive input of controller to "T" type fuse, I have used a hole saw to allow the fuse to go through the acrylic and take the power up to the other components

Just like this

Squeezed in a mins last night

Seat cover finished and on, I hope more soon just get everyone's health back to tip top condition.
Thanks for looking and look after your health to, Cheers.

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