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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Same title as Last Post/Wow Back in action

Times getting harder to find but things have been happening slowly, thanks if you still have the patience to keep looking so lets look. Here I have mounted sections of hard wood to the battery frames to attach the fairing panels to.

Next I have made cardboard patterns for the fairing panels and then cut them out of polycarbonate, used a heat gun to soften and bend to fit the contour of the bike

End up with the rough shape mounted to the bike, I'm going to make this a water tight housing.

Next the rear panel which will have the ignition switch and power point for recharging, also have to cut out hole for the 72 volt DC to DC converter to fit 

Looking in the top

The external power point for recharge, you can see the DC to DC converter as well

Keyed isolation and ignition switch

Next to build the top cover for the bike, I want a nice smooth arch so I have used "hoop Iron" with an angle iron back bone to make the supporting structure

Then drilled and screwed into place this will be covered buy 1mm thick balsa wood, very flexible then fibre glassed 

Oh the smell of resin 

Back soon after this drys and I can remove and shape

Cheer,s ROB

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