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Monday, 21 January 2013

Are we there yet?

Well the frame to house the battery box is almost complete these photos will require you to play twister with your head. the bracing is done and just tacked together as the whole structure now has to get engineering approval and I anticipate a few changes will be required. The box full of batteries is required to withstand a 20 G frontal impact and a 10 G side or rear impact and remain in-tacked and not break away from the car. I found I just had to make the thing as I couldn't describe or draw it well enough to get the engineers specifications.

Ok here we are looking up at the support which in turn is welded to the angle iron bolted to the extended seatbelt bolts you can also see the strut on the right which bolts to the body.

Camera angled up a bit more you see the support tacked to the angle 

This dog leg brace will need to be made in a thicker material 6mm not 3mm with a diagonal drace welded behind 

Again the dog leg is required to clear the box

The other side brace again different because the under body of the car is not symmetrical 

Hows your neck?
Thanks for looking, Rob

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  1. Sore neck. I expect compensation in Coke Zero form.