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Saturday, 12 January 2013

That BOX!

After 3 different models and 2 attempts to construct I have completed the battery box, it will hold 24 Thunder-sky 100 amp batteries laying on edge providing me with half of the final pack voltage of (144 Volts)

Steel Rivets used as the Registration inspectors won't accept aluminium 

Part of the pivoting rack for the box. This will drop down and allow the battery box to slide out as a cartridge so I can use it on my yet to come E-Boat/party pontoon but still leave a second 72 Volt pack in the car for driving

Box nice and snug in rack

This shows the box about to be slid up into place 

And sits up nice and neat

not a lot of room between the shocker mounts 

And the clearance at the front of the box, needs to accommodate the park brake cables 

Cut 45 mm off the hight of the box  

Looking at where the back seat bolts in you can see the inspection hole for the old fuel tank pump just above and too either side to the rear are the seat belt mounting bolts I have tapped the tread to a larger 12 x 1.75 mm and put new high tensile bolts in that are 20 mm longer so I can bolt a mounting system under the car for the box 

The original bolts tightened flush with the nuts now 20 mm of thread protrudes for mounting bracket I have almost finished the mounting system however I can't get the camera far enough away from the car to get a picture!


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