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Monday, 28 January 2013

It's Done

I have finished the frame and box so here it is out from under the car this shows the upper frame support with the extension arms which bolt back to the spare wheel well. There are inner pieces of metal which bolt inside the wheel well for additional strength 

From a different angle you can see the inner metal strengtheners one being mouldered to the round base of the wheel well  

Top view

had to cut the forward support holes to allow the frame to swing down for battery box removal  

Have welded two more angle iron support pieces on the base of the box support 

This shows the passengers side inner strengthener 

And the curved drivers side strengthener 

Frame with box 

Using some 25 x 25 mm angle with 8 mm all-thread for holding down battery box 

This is the front hold down clamp

Just showing all-thread I have welded the top nut and thread 

Just adding the brace for the drivers side support bar which clamps back to the wheel well


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